For sale - ESP/LTD Viper 301 in black, Korean made around 2002-03 w/ EMG HZ pick ups. I''m the 2nd owner of the guitar, but it is in almost new condition. The only spot on it is on the upper horn. where the previous owner put a Dimarzio clip lock strap on it, and the new screw went in on an angle and it started to push through the inside of the horn. There is a hairline crack in the finish and a small dot of wood showing under the strap clip where the screw goes in (picture included). I'll try and get some better pics if anyone wants, but it was hard to get it to show up in the photos. It's stable and never been an issue when playing with the guitar strapped on. Asking $250 + $38 shipping (continental US only). Comes with a decent gig bag. Just ask if you have any questions or want more pictures. Paypal accepted.