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Am I the only one who almost never clicks on youtube links when people post them in threads? I don't care if they're randomly dropped in a music thread (you don't honestly think people are going to click on your link if you don't describe it at all, do you?), given several lines of explanation, or cleverly disguised like this, I'm not going to click on it.

Is anyone else like this?
Its not like its hard to click it and then see what it is, it depends on if Im listening to music or not, if I do, I dont click unless I know what it is.
I don't click every single link, but my time isn't so precious that wasting a second before I realize it's shit and closing it is going to kill me.
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I very rarely find them worth watching so I usually don't
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If I'm at work I'm scared what will come up so I tend to stray away from links... But even at home I'm not bothered enough to care what my fellow UGers have to say via a YouTube video, a meme however is a different story
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I very rarely find them worth watching so I usually don't

Basically, this.

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I'll click on most of the youtube videos posted in the DT regardless of explanation, (or lack thereof) because its usually either badass music or hilarity of some sort. But if you want me to click on a link elsewhere, you best give a description or at least say something that will make me curious about the video.
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