I'm installing EMG X's to my guitar. At first out of excitement to ditch the old Ibanez pickups, I cut the wires from the pickup selector to the old tone knobs. Now what exactly do I do when it comes to soldering? A picture of it before I cut everything out is here if needed.
^ In my opinion you should solder them anyways, I hated the quick connectors because they always pop off.

Didn't they come with an instruction manual?
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they do, but i'm unsure on how to solder my 3 way pickup selector to them as it is not mentioned.
it looks like your old pickups were active, did they take a 9volt ?

if so are your new pickups passive (no 9 volt) ?
my old pickups were active but they took 2 AA batteries. but my new pickups are active and they take a 9 volt
dead battery? some bad connection in the quick connect?
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You might have forgot to ground something in that circuit.. that will usually give you alot of hum and barely any sound.
its just a guess , but ive never seen active pickups take AA's
that's a first for me .

if so your problem will probably be in the voltage sense AA's are 1.5 volt
if they take 2 that's 3volts your circuits in the guitar may not be capable
of handle that voltage of a 9volt you may need to take it to a tech to rewire
the circuit for a 9volt . or just put your old ones back in .

also try to post this in Gear Building & Customizing thread below
this one if you have not already .
@Modem, he probably changed the AAs to 9 Volt when he changed pickups.

Make sure the actually metal from the wires are touching the metal inside the places where you screw for the switch. Double check the jack. Make sure the wires are still attached to the pickups (I had that problem...).