So im going to give my rig an update, but theres a lot of things i want to get , what i want to do is get a new sound(new pedal) or upgrade my delays/overdrives
This is whrere the good ppl of UG come to help.....
I have to decide between getting a line 6 dl4, a EHX stereo memoryman w/hazarai, a visual sound route 66 or a line 6 mm4......take a look at my rig to see which pedal best fits my needs, i play mostly modern rock.
My rig:
Epiphone 1958 korina explorer
Yamaha acoustic
Crybaby classic
MXR Phase 90
Boss SD-1
ProCo Rat (usa)
Boss GE-7
Ibanez DDL
2 Vox pathfinders

I'm gonna be honest, I strongly recommend the EHX Memory Boy Deluxe. It has a TON of features (tap-tempo, 700 ms delay, two types of mods, expression pedal control, etc.), but it's got this sense of set-and-forget functionality to it. Also, it's cheaper than the Memory Man w/ Hazarai.
i had the memory toy (i think, whichever one was the middle of the road version) and felt that it sounded pretty awful compared to my carbon copy.

if you really want the versatility, look no further than the TC electronics flashback. its a pretty awesome sounding pedal and you can do ALOT with it