Hey all my fellow pies! My stage name is SatellitesAndStars, (real name Brandon).I'm proud to present to you the first album I've ever made that I can honestly say I'm proud of. It's in my signature. I sound somewhat like Oasis. I've also been told there's hints of Pink Floyd (my favorite band), the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Coldplay in my work.
Some more about me and my album here:
I'm a proud Canadian, I live in Toronto. I'm currently a high school student who devotes every ounce of spare time into his music. I write what I feel deep down but my music is not some cheesy love song garbage, I really feel like it is something that people will relate to as the issues that I face in my life are not issues that are foreign or different from many others'. I write about things such as heartbreak (cliche, but I feel that I do it creatively) and struggling to find a place in the world. But don't just take my word for it, listen to my album in my signature and figure out what it means to YOU!

Enjoy it, and feel free to write a short little review and post it here or sent it to me at br9austin@yahoo.ca

Also, please feel free to download the album for free! Just click the little down arrow beside the tracks that you want!
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