If you like bands like Oasis, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Coldplay and Beady Eye, I'm really positive you will enjoy my music. I'm just trying to get a little discussion going here about my music and having it spread through word of mouth. I'm VERY confident about this album, and I don't mind if you have something negative to say, as long as it's helpful and will enable me to better my music, which I feel like there is ALWAYS plenty of room for! With that said, check out the album in my signature. Definitely my best work, I encourage you to download your favorite tracks from the album or even the whole album itself for FREE by clicking the little down arrow beside the tracks you'd like. I can be contacted at


Your time and effort is greatly appreciated and I do look forward to hearing from any of you, whether it's just a quick "hello, I enjoyed _____ on your album" or "I think it would sound better if you did _______". Feel free to send me your work as well and I'd be more than happy to respond.