I'm looking for an acoustic song to sing that has a "I miss you, and I'll do anything to make things right" story behind it. Anybody know of any? I know a few, but I need another one to sing.
simple ones like "sorry" by buckcherry or smile by sixx am? sounds to me as if someone pissed off their girlfriend... i do that all the time but the blonde keeps comin' back. you lookin' for "you said you would never leave me behind.....but you left me with just my heart in your and and now im just a shell" kinda stuff( i left a pet turtle behind when i shipped out to Afghanistan/Iraq so i feel your pain)? 'dont know what ya got til its gone" by cinderella or even tim mggraw if yer inta twangy-"cant really be gone" " hard to say im sorry" by chicago? there are so so many... "hurt" by johnny cash has to be at the top of everyones list tho
Ok, so it depends on if you want old school or not

Ain't no sunshine by Bill Withers
It has a bit of a depressing sound to it, though. It is very simple, but there are good lyrics like "this house just ain't a home, anytime she goes away"

Home by Michale Buble
sounds good on acoustic. Has a lot of good lines about basically I am seeing the world and doing all this stuff, but I just want to go home so I can see you
I'll take those into consideration for the future, but now things have gotten better, but I still want a "Without you, I'm nothing. I never want you to leave me behind" type of song...
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john mayer's "without you"

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Why not write your own song?

Not just saying that, but you sound pretty detailed about what you want to sing about, no?

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