I've been writing songs forever. Quite literally, I popped out with a pen and pad while working on an album called "In Utero". Of course, Kurt Cobain happened to be spending the night in the hospital and stole it from me.... Oh well.
All horrible jokes aside, I've shared my album with many people and have gotten mostly comments like "I like the guitar work" or "I like the drum work". I'd really like someone to take the time to listen to the lyrics of maybe even one song and tell me what they like, don't like, ect?
The songs I feel I wrote best are "Sidelines", "Rebels", "Comet", "Falling Skies" and "Burn". If you could take the time to listen to even one of them and tell me what you think of the songwriting, that would be quite nice and would be REALLY appreciated. I wouldn't mind having a listen to anyone else's work as well. Take care, and if you'd like me to post any lyrics, just lemme know!

Album is in signature, tracks can be downloaded for free!
Very nice work! The lyrics are great, and the instrumentals match the mood of the words. What do you use to record?
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