Couldn't really figure out any better board to ask this so I guess I'll ask on this here.

I just restrung my guitar yesterday and today I can't get my B string to hold a tune. I can literally listen to it untune itself in a few seconds after tuning it, and I can grab and easily pull it out of the tuning peg even after I've fully tuned it. I've restrung it a few times with the same string and tightened up the tuning peg to see if any of it would help, but it keeps doing the exact same thing. Every other string seems to be working fine so far.

Any ideas for someone who obviously doesn't know very much about guitars?
Check that the string is stretched properly and you strung it correctly.
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You can pull it clean out of the tuning peg?

string it like that. Only reverse the winds on a headstock with 3 on each side though (or 2-4)
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I plan to get a new set of strings when I can since I clipped them to short to mess around with them much. I'll definitely try that stringing method, but I'm kind of surprised nobody has said anything about the tuning peg itself? It is possible that the peg is broken isn't it? I'm hoping that it's no more difficult than me stringing badly, but I want to try and be ready for whatever it is/learn what I can.
Tuning pegs are a resilient folk. Unless its visably turning backwards and unwinding its not likely the issue.

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