I was playing Technical Diffculties by Racer X at 35 Bpm (fairly low speed), and I can play it perfect with my left hand, no tension at all; I was surprised because I never played a song SO slow, but I find this very usefull now.
The main problem is my right hand, I feel a lot of tensión, even when I am not anchoring, playing slow AND trying to relax it. What can I do? What can I be doing wrong?
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are u resting ur palm on the bridge... ??

Yes, so I can palm mute
.. I mean.. if u leave ur hand hanging in the air (while not palm muting) it may create some tension..
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.. I mean.. if u leave ur hand hanging in the air (while not palm muting) it may create some tension..

No, I don't do that :/
I always played anchoring, maybe It's some muscle fatigue, but I feel more like tension
I find that there's a huge mental aspect to it. You could have muscle tension that you can't even feel. I might sound like a hippy here but actually thinking about relaxing your muscles one at a time might make a noticeable difference (starting at the shoulders and working your way down to your wrist). It has for me. If you do this while your practicing really slow it's going to help out big time when you get to the really fast speeds.

Basically I just take deep breaths everyone once in a while during practice sessions and I can actually feel my muscles getting less tense. It's hard to explain I guess but I think if you try it a few times you'll probably understand what I'm saying more.

Also, if you're pushing into any part of the guitar (anchoring) like you said then that's obviously going to add unneeded tension while playing as well. Just resting your palm on the bridge won't really be a problem though.
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This +10000

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I do that, I think and I try to relax my muscles one at a time, but I can do that like... 5 secs. then I have that ****ing tension up again.
And, I feel that tension on my fingers too (right hand)
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^ you just gotta keep on top of it man. It's hard, if it was easy everyone would be awesome at picking.

So you say that I have to relax every muscle, one by one? Damn, that will be hard