So I got this 7 string Jeff Loomis model, which I'm actually shipping off tomorrow for an epic NGD that should happen by the end of this week. And I did some covers I've been wanting to do for awhile now. Nothing crazy impressive as of yet, but I just got my new professional camera for Christmas and I plan on doing longer a more covers of the stuff I truly like playing, as well as original material. But that's not hat this forums for!

I know I'll get some hate for this, but I genuinely enjoyed this album and since I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to actually match the tuning on the record with this 7 string (Drop G oh God) I went for it. It's a fun song to play, I'm looking for constructive criticism also so keep your feelings on the band to yourself and point out some stuff to me that you think I need to work on.



And I promise I do MUCH more than just chugga chugga, I've really only had the opportunity and time to upload these two quick covers and the other solo cover on my channel for Dime's passing December 8th


As for set up wise, I recorded this through my new camera, and the sound I recorded through my iPhone's Voice Memo app and sync'd them together in iMovie. Came out sounding a lot better than I imagined, but hey it's something until I get the money to purchase my interface. Got a lot more coming on the way, thanks for you time if you checked it out!
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