Hey all what's up? So I am on a mission to learn guitar. Had an Ibanez back in highschool and never learned. It basically collected dust, had no clue where to start and was never home.

About a good 10 years later, I am on a mission.

Bought me some gear.

Ibanez RG321MH
Rocktron V10 amp - Small simple amp
Death Metal distortion pedal by DiGi tech

I have a pretty good idea on where to start learning. Browsed youtube, got me a free trial on a learning website, and then came across this site.

Going to start on some hand exercises, learn my chords til I got em down and move on to scales. This site has some great stuff to help learn the basics and I love how clear the Tabs are here. A lot more readable and understandable compared to other sites.

If you guys have any tips for a beginner let me know. I appreciate it.


Alice In Chains
Killswitch Engage
All that remains
In Flames
Bullet for my valentine

and a lot more.
you got all the basics, all you need now is time and patience. pick yourself up a cheap acoustic for now, that wouldn't hurt. i do scales and stuff on the acoustic, then go to an electric. with the lower action, its like butter ! plus, a lot of the music you have listed has a lot of acoustic songs.