Hello drummers

Any subtle techniques you picked up over the years of drumming?

(stick tricks, unusual rhythmic stuff, flashy sticking,weird stuff with any part of the drumkit etc)

Trying to spice up my drumming, it's become stale lately.
Accenting the vocals a-la splash and bells. Especially on a 6 stroke roll, sounds great in more alternative / rock styles. Most people have fills that follow guitar or bass.
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I use a lot of flams where they are not needed.
I play on ALL of my cymbals. ALL of them. Everywhere.
I use a lot of rudiments.
I play a lot using the pattern SSBSSBSSBSSB on 16th triplets.

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Lots of odd linear grooves. Try (K being kick) KKRKLRKK(RLRLRL)RRLR. All sixteenth except for the six strokes in parenthesis, which are thirty second notes.
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