What are (In your opinion) some of the niftiest jazz licks you've ever heard? Style of Jazz isn't really important.
Cuz everyone needs a guitar.
The entirety of Daedalus by Thrice. But I'm a little biased, because it's what I'm learning at the moment C: Also Barney Kessel's arrangement of Misty is pretty fantastic.


The guitar intro to Viridian by Between the Buried and Me.
Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt.

I know you said licks, but I can never choose just one
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FUUUU... where to start?

After listening to some Wayne Shorter, I currently like licks that use 4ths.
McCoy Tyner is sick... and that's one way to create melody using the Whole Tone scale, let alone improv over a static aug chord.
george benson when he was a session player on the CTI recordings..

chuck leob an excellent player has very tasty licks..also chris standring..larry carlton and the master jim hall..

there are many players of all instruments with very tasty lines..horn & reed players would fill pages...sonny chris..chris botti..grover washington jr stanley turrentine come to mind..

keyboard players .. just too many to list..start with art tatum..

play well