I'm hunting around for a maple strat neck for my pine stratocaster build. I have a very tight budget. I've found a Mighty Mite 2902 neck which fits the bill perfectly - for only US$110 incl shipping. I live in Australia, getting this stuff cheap is not easy for me, so this is really standing out at the moment. I have heard some negative reviews of MM necks in general, so am a little worried. I have considered Allparts, but their cheaper necks are unfinished, and Warmoth is too expensive, and unfinished. Is there anything else I can consider? Any advice?

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Mightymite are good quality parts.

If it's what you want for a price you're willing to pay... then go for it.
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I bought one two years ago. 22fret strat style. Absolutely no problems, fitted instantly, set up was easy and I haven't touched it since. Like you couldn't afford a warmoth neck, I would recommend allparts as well, I have one of those and it works just as well. Finishing is a case of "how you like it". Oiling a neck or laquer or even varnish are pretty simple procedures especially if you're doing a self build, setting intonation, height etc. are a lot harder to do...