I'm looking at some digital distributors and one that I like the look of is RouteNote. Has anyone had any experience of the site before? It looks pretty good: no sign-up fees or upload fees - it works a little bit like Bandcamp in that they just take a 10% cut in revenue (and, presumably, the companies they distribute to take a 5% cut, as net profit was 85% according to the site). That suits me a lot more than paying up-front, as I doubt I'll make that many sales, I just want the option to be there.

Sound legit to you guys? I'd quite like to hear experiences with distributors if anyone has any :3

I have been using RouteNote for over a year now and they have been awesome.. got my release on iTunes with 48 hours.. I think they have like 10,000 artists worldwide or something.. seems like they are actually trying to help artists unlike a lot of other distributors.