b = bend
p = pull off
you will bend at the 13th fret up to the tone of the 15th fret, which is one whole tone. and then pull off to the 11th fret.

u bend the 15 probably pull off to 13 then 11
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I would of thought on the 15, bend up. Then do a pull off from the 13 to the 11.
But how much bend the 15? I came across a 13b15 like you bend 13 fret up to 15(1note higher).
Try bend 15 as much as you feel it right, the play 13 and pull of to 11.
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well my problem is that i'm not sure about the bend.. 13p11 ok hit 13 and pull of to 11
but how much bending should i do?
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If I saw this in tab I would assume it was 13th fret, pre-bent to 15, release to 13, then pull-off to 11 - but find the song on You Tube and check it out. What song is it?

and this
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Of course, you could find the part in the song where that happens and match the bend.

learning from a tab doesn't mean you still don't have to listen to what you're trying to play. Even if you're a beginner you should at least still be able to tell if the bent note is going up or down in pitch. Tabs can be wrong, especially user-submitted ones - even for a correct tab you still have to listen to the song to know that you're playing it correctly. If you're not sure of the tab then you absolutely have to listen to that bit of the song and figure out where the tab's wrong.
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