Hey guys, a guitar cover I did over the summer. My camera sucks so it may not be the best quality-- and I know I messed up a few parts (Especially because recently I found out it's not in drop D but a variation of D standard :P) but I learned all of this by ear. Let me know what you think.
Quote by Czily
it's a shame. your playing looks good and solid and all but the audio quality .. yeah, well, you know. pretty unlistenable to me, sorry.

i'd say: buy some new equipment and you will be awesome! ;-)

Thanks for the compliment! haha. I do agree. The audio on my camera sucks but it's all I can do. Maybe today after work I'll play around with it in some different camera positionings and redo it. I also do vocal covers so I may do some with the camera in different spots also. Thanks again !