Hailing from Medway, Kent, Broken Banjo have been making a name for themselves on the local music scene with their blend of blues and rock’n’roll inspired music offering a sound more palatable than some of the acts the area spawns.

Utilising loud, crunchy, driven riffs, the band play a mixture of their own material as well as covers of unusual and ballsy tracks.
Covers include an imaginative take on Alabama Three’s Woke Up This Morning (alternatively known as The Soprano’s opening track), a roaring rendition of Rory Gallagher’s Tattoo’d Lady and even an ode to a contemporary audiences childhood with a cover of the Pokemon theme tune.

Broken Banjo’s own material is heavily blues influenced with lead singer and guitarist Liam Lynott providing a gravely and raw tone to compliment the musical efforts of himself and bandmates Mike Sewell, destroying the drum kit with his heavy hands and savage beats and Harry Elvin, keeping the bands groove flowing with bass lines that you could bang your other half to. In reinvigorating the Medway Delta sound with the likes of the riff driven Le Barry and passionate Out Of My Mind to name two.

If you wouldnt mind checking out my band and giving us some feedback it would be really appreciated.

This is our facebook...... http://www.facebook.com/Broken.Banjo

Hope to hear from you soon. XD