Thoughts on the show?
I'm a fan. I love Katey Segal's character, and am glad to see a really strong female lead for a change.

Also glad to hear it was renewed for a 5th season.

We have the shirts in where i work (http://www.rockworldeast.com/store/Sons_Of_Anarchy ) which rules. I love the graphics, just such a cool logo.

Anyways, what about you guys? Love it? Hate it? Whose your favorite character?
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Just found out about this show last month through netflix. Its awesome! Im finishing up season 3 as we speak. I think opie is pretty badass, plus hes got a pornstar as his old lady
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first and second seasons were awesome. now it is a soap opera with bikers and guns....
i still watch it though

that ATF bitch was the most annoying character i have seen in TV history


i wonder when Jax gonna kick the shit out of Clay.
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I really enjoy it, even though season 3 wasn't anywhere near as good as season 2. The Belfast parts were boring as hell imo (and there were some terrible Irish accents) but I have to say the stories based in the US and the season finale were brilliant. Still have to watch season 4
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I've watched all 4 seasons, I'm really pumped for season 5. There's definitely some great plot twists and the characters are well developed. Chibs is my favorite.
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