I was NOT planning on buying another guitar, but you know how things go. I was leaving another guitar into the shop for some work and my eyes fell upon this Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe - mahogany chambered body, Fender P90's, C-shape maple neck (identical as far as I can tell to my CV 50).

After some hands-on in the shop it came home with me.
it looks great! HNGD
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Need a review or clips bro.

Looks pretty sweet. Happy new guitar day.

Thanks. Yup, I'll post up a review after my grubby mitts have mauled it a bit more.
Makes me miss my '72 Thinline

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I normally don't care for telles very much, but that thing looks nice! HNGD!
That wouldn't be my first pick, but that is a classy guitar! Hope it plays as good as it looks
Not usually a Tele person, but I love this. HNGD
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Very nice indeed, I keep on promising to eventually by myself a real fender (I own a oddly nice squier affinity) I am way too picky in what I want. Good find and absolutely beautiful, glad you enjoy it.
Thinline tele?




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I am jealous, I had a look at all of your guitars, they are sexy!!
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These things play so well.

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Nice. My Telecaster is very similar. It's in a natural finish with a tune-o-matic bridge though.
I've had the guitar for a few days now and have put about 15 hours of playing time in on it – solo practice mostly plus a few hours in a jam session. I thought I'd write up a short review on my impressions so far.

The basic specs are as follows -

Mahogany chambered body, 25.5” scale length
C shaped maple neck/fingerboard, 9.5” radius with 22 medium jumbo frets, nut width 1.650”, synthetic bone nut
Two MP-90 pickups, 3 way toggle, 2 vol 2 tone controls, vintage style 6 saddle thru-body hardtail bridge, nickel/chrome hardware finish, kluson style tuners

Build Quality
I'm impressed. Everything goes together exactly how it should (hey, it's a telecaster!) and the construction quality is top notch. Fretwork is excellent – well finished, no rough spots. Hardware is rock solid, does what it's supposed to and there's nothing to complain about in the general finishing. I've not weighed it, but then I tend not to give a shit about that. It's about telecaster -weight. Yes, it MIC – I don't give a crap about that, YMMV. Set-up out of the shop was perfect (but I wouldn't expect otherwise from the place I buy at) and all I did was swap the 9's for 10's.

I said earlier that the neck was exactly like my CV 50 – not true. The obvious difference is the extra fret but the important one is that it's very slightly wider than a CV at the nut (CV is 1.625&rdquo. I have not measured the depth but it feels ever so slightly thicker, though by no means could you consider it a chunky neck. If you like the feel of the CV necks you'll feel at home here in no time. Balance is good either strapped or seated.

P-90 goodness. My first thoughts when I got this home is how will these pups measure up against the P-90 Lollars I have in a couple of other guitars. Well – result! I've played everything from country pickin', jazz, funk, pop, blues, punk and grunged-out 6-beer thrash and they've delivered. Cleans are warm and chimey, the break up gives me the grit I want and on heavy overdrive there's a good degree of note separation along with the required face-melting thuggery. I plan to keep it just as is.

Overall I'm very happy. This guitar was pretty much an impulse buy. When I first saw it on the Fender site I though “Meh” but it 'got' me in the store and it's getting it's fair share of play so far. Job done.
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