Hi to everyone. The thing is, the music studio on the back of my farm caught on fire last week and everything burnt down to ashes. I had (othen than various cheap acoustic guitars, bass and drums) a fender stratocaster and a cheap epiphone dot. But enough of that, my problem is i found myself with no guitar at all and i was looking for a budget semi-hollowbody guitar to start over and the choice kinda went down to the gretsch g5122 and the as103 (for around 500E). I didnt quite like too much my old epiphone so i don't really wanna get another one.
I really like Ibanez guitars cause i find even the mid/low range ones have a pretty cool sound, though i love the gretsch estetics and i really love the sound that the most expensive gretsch have, i have no clue about the cheaper stuff though...
Also i'm looking for something versatile enough to play distorted rock / hard rock as well as clean jazz / blues so i guess the ibanez would be better. I still have a soft spot for the gretsch though but i'm really not sure if it would be as good as the as103 for my needs..

What are your thoughts on these guitars?
I could really use some help from someone that knows more than me, thank you in advance!
I can promise you that the gretsch is not the guitar for you. first off, its not a semi-hollow, but a full hollowbody. that means that the guitar will absolutely scream with feedback when playing with enough distortion for hard rock (i have a 5120). additionally, the stock pickups aren't great, so you'd pretty much have to upgrade them if you wanted to get the most out of the guitar.

in my mind, the ibanez is the better guitar for you, based on what you described above.