I've got a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar which, with your help, I'd like to modify.
The guitar looks like this:
(the one on the right)


I have the parts to make it like this:

So the tremolo will require the body to be routed - I'm not doing that so will seek out a luthier who could do that for me.
I haven't yet got the bridge, but, am thinking about the Schaller roller - only problem is that it has a 14" radius and the Squier's neck is 9.5" radius. Does anyone think that is going to be unplayable?
I realise I'll may need to shim the neck and may consider doing this myself. However, I can confirm that the present bridge is set up with the low E string 16.4mm above the guitar body. I've no idea how much distance a TOM will place the string heights. (I've looked at the Schaller website http://guitar-bridge.com/hp135010/Artikel-Liste.htm but can't work out how high the strings will be from the body at the bridge's lowest position.

Then onto the wiring. Currently, the guitar has Duncan Designed HB102 (B and N) pick ups. I want to split the humbuckers. I will install the switch plate and the three, 2 way (on, on) switches. 2 of these switches will switch each humbucker to single coil. The stock 3 way switch on the upper horn will remain switching for Bridge, Bridge and Neck, and Neck positions. The pots are stacked, volume and tone for each humbucker.

Ok, that is how I visualise this in my mind, but as a complete and utter noob, I'd first like to ask if this is at all possible, or, if it were you, would you do things differently? There is also more space for switches in the body so more mods may be undertaken at a later date.

Body looks like this:

Thanks for reading this far and I hope all of the above makes sense.
Seriously? Can no-one help here? Am I being too general with the wiring question? I really just need to know if my suggestion is possible and if it is the best way to proceed. Thanks in advance.
I can't answer about the bridge at all man but i can tell you about the wiring.

Could you confirm us if the pickups have 2 or 4 wires coming out from them? This way we would know if you can or not split them
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Since your goig to a TOM, you might want to recess it, or you'll have to angle the neck pocket. Thast prety much it.