So, I use a Digitech Rp255, and i have a Marshall AVT 20. I was playing with tones, and having fun, and i think i made something funny. So, I was recently thinking about using a ZW pedal to boost my amp, but couldnt afford it. So I made many essays with my amp and pedal together, but couldnt find something nice. But, this time, i tried amp modelling of my processor to JCM800 head and digitech metal cabinet's distortion, with the boost of Guyatone OD-2 drive at 30(/100) (all modellings) wit a little bit gain, and then boosted all with my marshall's valve distortion channel (so that i wasnt using transsitor clean channel but the valve channel), and got an analog like sound, instead of digital sound of processor, and got a great tone. EQ was spooked, no delay-reverb etc. That was a sure metal tone, and i recommend you to essay such things if you have a processor.
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The word is assay, not essay.
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