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I personally think the guy is a complete and total tool. I wan't to know why everybody hates him. Or why they do not.

That was the sound of this thread going right over my head.
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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Man I don't even have an opinion.

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Yes, because i'm a Steelers fan.

However, as an English guy, i don't know have to put up with him or his supporters and haters everywhere i look, so i don't really care.
Yes, and every one of his retard bandwagon fans

EDIT: A bit of a correction. I hate how famous he is because he is a ridiculously average quarterback. Still hate his stupid bandwagon fans though (but who doesn't hate bandwagon people?)
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I think he's a better role model and a more genuine person than most of the other "christian" athletes. I don't see any reason to hate the guy.
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Yes, the pit hates tim tebow because of his religious affiliation and how he indiscriminately shows his faith.
Just a sub-par guitar player..

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Let's make this the Pit's motto:

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Tebow's an awesome guy and a mediocre quarterback. It's the incessant coverage of him that sucks.

Also, he came out topping a poll for most popular athlete in America the other day, so he's doing something right.
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Who Dat? Talk about Tebow and the media circus all you want but there are FAR better quaterbacks in the NFl Brees, Brady and Rogers to name a few. Go Saints!
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no i don't hate him because I don't actually know him personally. ****. what a concept.
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Who Dat? Talk about Tebow and the media circus all you want but there are FAR better quaterbacks in the NFl Brees, Brady and Rogers to name a few. Go Saints!

Lol saints... they're going to get owned like a dead iraqi being peed on.
Tebow is a great person and a slightly above average quarterback. He's also a winner with a great work ethic. I don't understand why people hate him.
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As a Steelers fan, I'm obligated to hate him at least until next season. But don't worry, I'll hate him after that too.
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I'm just about certain no one on this board has ever met him, so unless you have some sort or aversion to T-bowing and think that everyone has the right to say and do exactly what you want them to, most of us have more reason to hate the Superbowl Shuffle.

I don't hate him, but my rage for the endless media coverage of him burns incessantly. It was the same thing when the Justin Bieber madness was at its peak. I'm tired of not being able to watch any sort of media outlet without hearing him mentioned in some kind of larger-than-life way. He seems like a cool guy, and I respect his ability to win, but I wish he would lose to the Patriots already so I can be done with the mania.
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LOL USA making a religion guy super famous in 2012.

I like him anyway.
The NFL is full of clowns. Nevermind the NFL, Tebow is one of the best role models in professional sports. There's no reason to hate the guy.
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I hate him. He beat the Steelers, so he must die.
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Tebow's an awesome guy and a mediocre quarterback. It's the incessant coverage of him that sucks.

This. I don't give a shit about him. I don't hate him or like him. I just don't think he's very good.
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Yes he bugs the sh*t outta me. Everybody defending him because he's "genuine" and "Christian," how the hell do you know that? Have you ever met him? I honestly think it's all a show. Plus all the "get tebowed!" nonsense just gets old and only gives the guy more reason to be a complete douche.
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everything that you've come to expect

He beat the Steelers. In an awesome fashion, too.

Tebow Time was the most exciting time this season, and it was a weekly gem of entertainment for two wonderful months.

He spits in the face of the evolution of quarterbacks that has given the league the elite QB archetype, in the so-dubbed "year of the quarterback", no less.

He beat the Steelers.

You can find enough bad role models in the NFL alone, let alone professional sports. Tebow is one of the good ones - he does seem genuinely humble and friendly, and go ahead and say he had to do this for Broncos publicity or anything, but all he really had to do for something like this was shake the kid's hand, give him a jersey, sign some stuff, and throw the ball a few times. I still think it's questionable forcing the role model position on athletes, but if it's going to be done, let it be done with someone decent.

He beat the Steelers.

Love Tebow, hate Tebowmania, don't get why people care so much about his faith, and I'm not even christian.

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Yes. I hope today is the last day I have to hear them talking about him for the year.
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Yes, the pit hates tim tebow because of his religious affiliation and how he indiscriminately shows his faith.

or we can hate him for being a ridiculously mediocre quarterback who gets obscene amounts of attention and has sparked up a fake controversy (not him, the religious people who give him the attention) because of his religious practice.

i don't care that he prays after a touchdown. i don't care that he prays period or that he believes in God. i do care however when every time you open sportscenter you're hearing about Tim Tebow and his religion.

he is a really nice guy though, i just hate hype surrounding him.
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All of the "he's a good guy" or "he's a shitty quarterback" stuff aside, the whole Tebow persona is hilarious and pretty entertaining, so I don't know why you'd hate him. He's become this weird folk character and polarizing figure, which is always nice to have in sports. It's like Tiger Woods. Whether you love him or hate him, he's entertaining as shit to watch, even over the last couple of years when he's been awful.
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