Wasnt sure where to ask this, but ill try here.
I have a Randall rx120 head, and recently the Channel switch, between clean and overdrive, decided not to work anymore, it's stuck on od, nothin I could dO, damn sure not gonna tinker with it myself, so I took it to a local place to take a look at it. They said they'd find the problem, and fix it. Around 45 bucks he guy told me, depending on the part that's needed. Well they found the problem, forgot what it was, but regardless a 3 dollar part, not that big of a problem, quick fix he said. Well he wants to charge me like 90 bucks for the whole job. I'm sayin complete BS, but what do I know, is he screwing me over, or do this sound about right
Any opinions?
Pay the 45 bucks the guy quoted you unless he can show you that it took him 5 hours to fix.
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$40 dollars an hour is about right for an hour's work.

Before you have a heart attack about that, remember it can be lethal to work on the inside of an amp.
service rates in any specialty field are high, that's how they make a living, so as with anything you can either pony up the dough or learn to do it yourself
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Ya his quote was $40, but I talked to the owner of the place not the amp guy so he wasn't sure of the price. I was just concerned cause I've never takin an amp to get fixed before so I have no idea on prices on things like this.
Plus it's been a month since I dropped it off, and their still waiting on the part. So ya the jump from 40 to 90 bucks just seemed weird, but if that sounds normal than I can't really argue
$40 was a guess only, based on your described symptoms. $90 was the final bill after he actually spent time confirming the problem. As with cars, or anything else that must be partially taken apart to find the problem, an estimate is only a guess.

Bottom line is that you may or may not get them to discount the work, but I highly doubt it.
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Again i dont know anything about pricing work done on amps and what not.
So thanks on the insight