Hoi all, I'm looking for advice on how to play the palm-muted part in Mortal Share - Insomnium, which starts roughly about 1 minute into the song.

I've tried doing it with all down-picking at first, but that just wasn't fast enough. Then I tried picking the open notes with an up-stroke, and the PM parts with a down-stroke, but that really messed up the timing, and really just proved to be too tricky.

So how do/would you play that part?

I recently went to see them and was wondering about the same thing. What they do is the following: They pick the PM parts with a downstroke and the open notes with an upstroke. The crucial thing is to perform a pull-off at the last open note for each measure to the second open note following it.

Nevertheless, it's a tricky riff.
Yeh I was doing that, but didn't sync good with the song...
Ahh I'll give it a good try later.

Thanks for the advice mate!