Hi all, i have a peavey trans tube solo practice amp that is not fulfulling the tone i'm after, i play blues and classic rock with a bit of metal thrown in from time to time, i was thinking of either the 15r or the 30r, the fact that they both have reverb is a bonus as is a headphone out for late night practice, i have a cheap elevation strat copy from argos that i set up myself and is playable enough and an encore e99 les paul copy which is not to bad, i will be getting a squire tele at some time, the butterscotch one i have taken a fancy to but what about the amps i've mentioned, does anyone have any experience with these amps, thanks.
i would worry about the guitar first. maybe that is the source of your tone problems. what exactly isnt so fulfilling about your amp?

whats your budget?
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budget about £150.00 i always thought a better amp would sort out the tone problem more than the guitar but like i said i am thinking of getting a tele in the not to distant future but back to the amp it just seems a bit dull and flat sounding, it was not a big outlay in the first place, about £50.00 plus i've noticed an annoying rattle from time to time, i dont crank it up that often but when i do it just rattles.