Both pretty similar guitars, the ESP Ltd Viper just looks like kind of a more expensive rip off of the SG Prophecy Custom with weird inlays. Would I be right in saying that with EMG 81/85 sets they are going to sound pretty similar anyway? Another guitar in my price range that I was considering was the Schecter Damien Elite (no Floyd Rose), but the bolt-on has kind of put me off. Both of the SG models aren't bolt ons and I like the look of them more. Anyway, heres some links to specs/price etc. the Epiphone is the cheapest, so I'm most fond of it.

Epiphone SG Prophecy EX

ESP Ltd Viper 300FM

Schecter Damien Elite 6

Just want to know some opinions on each model. I live in a wonderful place where theres like 2 guitar shops that sell basically no guitars, so unfortunately I'm unable to try any of them
I always hated th viper shape, it's like an SG gone wrong...
The Epiphone looks like very good value, having an Ebony fingerboard and the same pups as the other two (yes, from what I know EMGs will give each guitar a pretty similar sound), I think I'd go with that.