I recently got a new MXR Carbon Copy. Great sounding pedal. The only problem is that I when I activate the pedal I notice a significant volume decrease coming out of my amp.

I'm running the pedal through the effects loop of a Mesa Express 25. All other pedals appear to be working fine. Ideas appreciated.

When I had mine I remember that I lost volume and tone when it was in front of the amp, but it worked fine in the effects loop. Maybe try changing it's place in the chain, change the battery, or use a different power supply other than a battery. Even try adjusting the Mix. Again I never had an issue with mine so it could also be a defect...
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i haven't tried the carbon copy, but my tonerider analogue delay does that in the loop- in front of teh amp it's fine.

either run it in front of the amp (won't work so well with preamp distortion), or i guess you could try a boost in the loop if you'd prefer it in the loop (though that does mean kicking on two effects). EDIT: ^ also try rearranging its position, as said, just in case some of your other pedals are affecting it. if they're true bypass though i'm guessing that'd be very unlikely.
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Had that problem with my phase 90 in the loop. It was an impedance issue, try running a buffer (or a non true bypass pedal in standby) after your delay before it goes back into your amp.
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