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I have a Carvin TL60 (a neck-thru tele copy) with two OEM Carvin single-coil pickups. They're pretty hot-sounding for single coils, maybe due to the bar magnet, and they sound decent. However, I don't like the 60-cycle hum. So, I want to replace the stock pickups with noiseless single coils. I still want to keep the single coil bite and clarity, but without the hum. I'd also like them to sound a bit thicker and fuller as well. I've looked at the Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio websites, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options.

This guitar will be used mostly for playing worship music, but I'll also use it for hair metal-ish stuff and some instrumental music a la Satch, mainly going into a Mesa Stiletto Ace, but also through a Splawn Quickrod at times. Budget is pretty well wide open, but I'd like to keep it under $300-$350 total if I can, under $200 if I only change the bridge PU. SD's and Dimarzio I can order from my local shops, but anything such as BKP or Swineshead I'll need to order over the web, which I'm ok with doing.

TL; DR: What are my options as far as noiseless single coils or stacked humbuckers that will preserve the single coil tone, eliminate hum, and thicken things up a bit?

One last thing: I've heard good things about changing the caps to Orange Drops. Does anyone have any input to this end?
I'm a big fan of Lace's Alumitones. Very clean, no hum.
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I believe you have S60A pups and they're Alnico 5s. I have a set for my Carvin Bolt and they're sweet.

You could try the Carvin twin blades (TBH60).
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Thanks for the replies. I checked out those Alumitones, very interesting design! I'll be researching them more, as well as those Twinblades.

Does anyone have any experience with replacing the caps with Orange Drops? A local tech recommended that upgrade, but I want to know what effect that will have on the sound.