Now you see the headline and think you know this band. Probably you do, but I think it´s time to make the BOTM, as they´ve been negelcted in most discussions and most people don´t really know them actively.


The Boys were formed at some time during the GB Punk Explosion in the mid 70s. They recorded their first album s/t in 1977 with Casino Steel (former Hollywood Brats), Matt Dangerfield, Duncan Reid, Honest John Plain and Jack Black.
Their best known songs must be Brickfield Nights and First Time.

I think especially in songs like Stop Stop Stop! you can hear that their way of playing punk is in fact really just speeded up rock n roll. So no wonder that they were called "The Beatles of Punk"

Enjoy their music at least in this month. I hope I don´t bore you too much just because most of you must already know them.