I think I might be getting them down. Before, I could only fret the first 5 strings but now I can fret all 6 by fretting the low E with the tip of my finger. I'm self-taught, so I was wondering if this was bad. How exactly do you guys fret your index across the bar?
Good question but I guess it depends on the length of your finger? I'm having a hard time fretting all 6 since I have really thin fingers which are significantly wider around the joints do some strings become muted whereas most are fretted and ring clean
Its bad. You need your pointer finger to put down the low E string. It gives you the root of your chord. Say you have the standard 1-3-3-2-1-1 marking on the First Fret. That 1 on your low E, gives you the name of that note. Move it up to 3, thats a G chord. You need to find out how to do it best for you, because it is very important for barred chords.
Sorry, I don't understand... What point are you trying to make? I'm still hitting that low E.
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Hi. Can someone tell me which guitars are real 24 fret guitars and which are just 22 fret guitars with 2 extra frets added on?


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