ok so, i love this. I have been meaning to cover this myself for a while now haha. I think everything was done great, gave it your own flare too. Good Job!
very well done... I've been thinking about doing a similarly styled arrangement, but for my videos I like to try and do a performance in one take.

Excellent job, I especially love that you included all the parts, like the higher "woo ooh" part... often time covers lack some key parts... you're a sick producer too!

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Great cover, I actually covered this song as well, just the electric part as you can hear hear ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1_oMpNIzzo ).

But you did a great job, you got the attitude and its nice to see that.


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Dude, this a really good cover! I would have mixed it a bit different, but the playing is really good. Keep up the good work!

PS. Thanks for the kind words and tips on my cover
Wow VERY good; and takes a lot of talent to play all the parts AND edit them together.

Great playing too, love the song

Thanks for the kind words guys! Also, I do believe I'm up to date on all the C4C's here so keep them coming.

@bogdaniel - you make a valid point, I really like how it came out but I do wish now that I spun it a little more in a new direction instead of basically just recreating it with my set up.
I like it; blurring the different videos together was really cool as well.

What did you do for the vocals? Like, they're obviously multi-tracked, but how many tracks are there at once, and do you have any effects on them? They have a pretty interesting sound.
I really like the production of this. I don't know the original song but it does sound very Pixies-esque. The only complaint I would have would be that the guitar could do with compressing a bit, since there's so much top end in the tone, but that's probably just personal preference. Vocals sound great, and the whole vibe is just nice. It'd be good to hear a version with real drums, but for midi they're pretty good, and it kind of works with the overall sound. Good job! How did you mix this, by the way?

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I used audacity to mix which is also why i dont have any compression or anything like that. there is a compressor in it but i dont really know how to use it and i generally shy away from that kind of stuff in audacity because i fear that it may help more than it hurts (especially because i dont know what im doing with it) because its not the greatest program.