I need some help in finding the pod which can suit my needs the most (who knows, you might convince me not to buy one or find a perfect match).

So first of all, my equipment:
Guitar: Ibanez fmtl36 (with a passive DiMarzio D-activator bridge pickup)
Sound card/Interface: Fast Track Pro (link: Right here! ).
Recording programme: Pro Tools MP.
Amp: Vox VT30

My budget is about 430-580$ or 340-450€

What I need it for: Home recording, practice with the band and gigs!

What I usually play is any kind of metal or rock, so I'd want a pod (preferable floorpod) to fit my needs.

I'm thankful for any helping suggestions and motivations.

Rock on!

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Line6 Pod XT Live should do the trick, I have one and I find it very reliable in all situations, I use it live direct in a pa, in an amp and also directly in the computer for recording. I have´nt had the chance to try the newer models but I´m sure they are just as good or better.
I agree with the above. I found a used xt live a couple years ago and I have used it for two albums, and countless shows. I have presets specifically for live shows, for practice, and for studio stuff. ( live and studio patches are world's away from eachother with these). I do have an external wah though. Didn't care for the wah in it.
Pod hd300, thank me later ;-)
Running through:

Engl Fireball
Engl Slanted Cab
Ibanez Xiphos
Schecter C-1 FR Black
Ibanez GRG (on its way)

Boss Noise Gate, Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Boss Tuner, Zakk Wylde Wah.
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Pod hd300, thank me later ;-)


With your budget, there is no reason to not get one of the HD models.