I have been going back to gasing for a 7-string and knowing what I want to spend and potential brands I've been narrowing stuff down. I've found a couple of nice schecters, they are almost identical to each other in terms of body wood and all woods etc. The only difference is one has EMG HZ's in it and the other has schecter stocks in it. One is a Damien, the other is an Omen, and they are only $50 off in price. Would there be a huge difference between the two, or is there something I'm not seeing? Or is it just some slight model difference to lead to the different name?
i would go with the damien. i have the damien 6 string and damien 8 string, i highly recomend that series. to me, the emg's just sound better
I think it is the damien that has the EMGs in it, is actually $50 cheaper then the Omen. I like that one better I know this is the stupidist part of buying a guitar, but I prefer matt finishes to a gloss one when dealing with solid colors (with a few exceptions). I just don't like how Schecter and ESP do them, I'd rather have something flat looking and not shiny. I just wondered if there was a difference with the Omen (other then pickups and a shiny paint job). I played some Hellraiser variety the other day and the neck just felt amazing, I love how the 7 string neck feels overall. I also tried an 8, but I feel that's a little overkill right now for me.
Keep in mind, you're going to get what you pay for. I'd keep saving and try and get a better quality guitar.
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Its not about saving the money or not saving it, its more about features that I prefer to have in a guitar. I find that if I stay in the 300-500 range for the most part I get the features that I like a lot easier then I do in the higher end instruments. I prefer to have passives and a hard tail, so for some odd reason in that range its a lot easier to get, and I will test anything I buy, I just figured EMG's passives would be better overall then the stock Schecter brand (unless they are Duncans still I know a lot of the Schecter guitars with passives come or used to come with Duncans stock).
I've had a damien 6 for about 3 years now and even though it's considered a low end guitar, it's the one guitar i have that I'll never get rid of. The necks are perfect to me. They're thin, but not paper thin. The passive EMGs actually work well with a wide variety of styles with the right amp. I can't imagine the 7 string version being that bad. Though just to put this out there, a lot of Schecters lose value. Not saying that to discourage you, just saying you might be able to score a used one in great condition and have some money left over to put towards a new pedal or other toy to play with.
I used to be a real big fan of schecters, I had one, loved it, however I don't know if it was just mine or their chrome plating is bad, but... well the pictures speak for themselves:
This is after ~7 years

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Is 26.5 scale on the damien a typo?

Either way I like the damien better.

Edit: no typo. 26.5 scale.

Better if you down tune
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No, Schecter use 26.5'' on a lot of their 7 strings. I know they do on the Hellraiser series anyways. Wouldn't be suprised if it's on the Damien series. Also, if the Omen 7 doesn't have the 26.5'' scale length, i'd say that's another point in favor of the Damien.
I know that Schecter's products don't hold their value well at all. I've bought two used ones a revenger 7 which I sold to GC (bought it from Music go Round) after about six months because for me it wasn't a good guitar, but a steal for the price. I actually got a lot of money from GC for it (almost what I paid). I also bought a Gryphon back in march from MgR and got a great deal on it. It has a few cosmetic issues, but overall is a beautifully crafted instrument, and holds up well for my needs tonally. I just prefer how a seven feels (or even an 8).

Also I don't know if that is a typo, I haven't double checked that off the company site.