Black is pretty standard on a sunburst, so it depends on the pearloid. I would probably do a black pearloid to contrast the maple neck and still have the flair of a pearloid pickguard. Just my thought.
Pearloid. Black is also sexy but Pearloid just edges it. Don't get black Pearloid though, it looks Lila shit
Tortoiseshell, man.
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neither, no pickguard makes guitars look far nicer
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Unless its a butterscotch finish I think the pearloid pickguards look better on telecasters.

As far as a bigsby... if you have anything made by a fender don't put an actual Bigsby on it, get a fender branded one. Supposedly Leo Fender stole the body shape and idea from the telecaster from Bigsby and it is supposed to be "cursed".
I kind of dig the black
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