So I put my old amp up for trade on craigslist, and got a few offers of different guitars. One fot hem happened to be this, a 2003 MIM standard strat with modded wiring (bridge tone mod) and upgraded pickups (Bill Lawrences). Tried it out, went great, and I definitely think I won out seeing as I traded a valveking 112... anyways, pics:

I'm used to a dual humbucker setup, so I'm still learning how to use a single-coil guitar, as it doesn't quite have the midrange "push" that I tend to emphasize. The sound is great though, I'm using it through an RP1000 into an Eganter Rebel 20 head/cab. Looks like I'll be playing around with settings for a while
HNGD dude, lovely strat!!

Put a white pickguard on dat ting
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she looks incredible, I'm completely jealous. I would leave the pickguard, it adds character. HNGD
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Looks great, but I'm not crazy about that pickguard. Just a personal thing i guess. Still, congrats on making a good trade! HNGD!
I think it would look awesome with a solid black pickguard. Still, very cool grab! HNGD!
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Leave the black pearloid pickguard, looks the best!
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Is that Fiesta Red?
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Dude that is one of the nicest strats ive seen in a while. And the grain on the rosewood looks great.
Did you pick this up around St Louis by chance? If so.. that's a refinish
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Dude! Nice box of Chewy bars!!!

Oh and the guitar, that's nice too...

HNGD!! Nice score.
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nice. you'll get used to the singles you just need a different mindset tone wise.