ok so far it sounds awesome, i wish the camera was pointed down just a tiny bit though, haha. its really cool how around 1:30 everything really starts to build up and create a really deep song. the singers voice suits this really well. i dont know the original song here but everything youre doing sounds tight which is impressive since you have so much going on with that loop pedal. i like how you put this together live rather than just recording them all seperately. thanks for the critique you left on my cover as well
When it started reminded me of U2 (the guitar). Anyway great cover, simple and easy on the ears, keep going =)
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I don't really have anything to add except that was ****ing awesome.

Actually, maybe the drums you have in the keyboard could be a bit better. Aside from that, awesome!
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That was a damn pleasure to watch. You guys have a ton of skill! The instrumentation was really well done, expecially given you did it live and didnt use any pre recordings. Your friend also has an incredible voice. I just subscribed to you guys. Keep up the hard work man!
Thanks guys! I appreciate it

Rollingstones I checked out your youtube channel... awesome stuff mate