Im looking at a used Warwick corvette bass in a music store (fairly) near where I live. I know its a german one a few years old cos it has a bubinga bolt on neck, not the ovankol they use now.

Does anyone know what year they switched neck woods?
Are you sure it wasn't ovangkol?

German 'vettes used to have wenge necks up until 98(?) or so, after that the Standards have had ovangkol necks.
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Not 100%, looked like bubinga to me but I could be mistaken. Its a $$ if that makes a difference
It should still be ovangkol. Bubinga is a custom shop option for neck laminates, but AFAIK Warwick has never used it as a primary neck material.
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Highly doubt it's a solid Bubinga neck. Check the serial number. First letter denotes month (A=Jan, B=Feb etc), and the last two digits denotes the year. Corvette standards were introduced in 1995, and the $$s came later.

Edit: 1997 was the last year for wenge necks on production models, as well as the last year for the brass JAN. Thumb NTs before then, at least, were wenge/bubinga necked as standard.

Looking at the years, unless it's custom, the $$ will be ovangkol, as I think the $$ came post-97
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Im prob mistaken then, it just seemed darker than the pics I've seen of their ovangkol necks.

After a quick poke round ebay ive found one thats similar, its not got a clear shot of the neck but the one pic that shows the heel looks like it might be a 5 piece neck, 3 ovangkol and 2 darker. Is it just the grain or did they make them like that sometimes?

Heres a pic:
The Ovankol necks are still pretty dark, pretty much the colour of the pic you just posted.
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I've seen Warwick's with two strips of wood down the back of the neck, which I'm guessing has something to do with truss rods (like 70's Fenders). Equally, it could just be a grain on the wood (unless they're perfectly straight etc). The small bit of wood on the neck visible in that photo looks like it could be Ovangkol to me.
That's ovangkol. Warwick necks are multi laminate, with each strip of ovangkol cut perpendicular, so the grain on a three piece neck would be -|-. This is for strength. It can also mean some strips look darker/different to others.

Ziph- the laminations on most maple necked Warwicks and some (mainly non-German) ovangkol necked ones have very, very thin lams of ekanga, again for some strength/warp resistance and aesthetics. Only exception off the top of my head is the Streamer Stage II, which has alternating ovangkol and afzelia lams.