Is it safe to have guitars out in a cold house? I mean just sitting in their stands. The house that I live in during college has very poor insulation and only has heating on fo an hour a day due to the fact that my housemates and I are broke and cant afford refilling the oil tank for the house very often! When I mean cold, I mean cold enough to see your breath. Or should I keep them in their cases when not in use? thanks guys!
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Actually to be honest, cold weather isn't really the problem. The problem would have to be temperatures that fluctuate from hot to cold, humid to dry. If the inside of your home is pretty much always the same for days on, you will be fine.
Just my opinion from experience
I have a wood heater, the very back of the house is my music studio and it gets balls to the walls freezing in there. I've had mine on the stands for about 2 years during all seasons in that room, they haven't been harmed at all, I think they'll be safe mate If you are worried you can put them in the case, but it's not to big of a deal, don't sweat it man
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its not gonna make much of a diffrence unless its not constant temp. My old room would get so cold that when i picked up my guitars there would be a small layer or condensation, but they all play just fine.
its not going to do any real damage unless you're talking sub -20C temperatures (if its that cold in your house, you have more serious issues) which can cause finishes to crackle. as long as the guitar isn't subject to quick temperature changes (like coming out of a warm house, into a cold car and then into a warm venue), there really isn't anything to worry about.

if its warm enough for you, its probably warm enough for your guitar. unless your a polar bear