Im rewatching all the Battlestar Galactica seasons on netflix/hulu plus, but i know it will end soon...its been a year sense i watched them so i need something to replace them when its over...give me some ideas for some Science Fiction shows to watch afterwards....

things to EXCLUDE...

Star Gate anything...(the Original Stargate Film i loved, the shows i found were shit)

now Firefly, the first few episodes i had trouble getting into, should i just try again at Firefly? and should i watch Serenity before or after....

Have another go at Firefly. The Serenity film concludes the story, so should be watched after.
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Watch Suits.

Play Battlefield 3.
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Watch that video below

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Balls to Sci-Fi.
Watch Game of Thrones.
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everything that you've come to expect

-Arrested Development
-Party Down
-Arrested Development
-Breaking Bad

take your pick (by which I mean Arrested Development)
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Quote by Primus2112
-Arrested Development
-Party Down
-Arrested Development
-Breaking Bad

take your pick (by which I mean Arrested Development)

Don't forget Arrested Development. You should watch Arrested Development.

Also, not sci-fi at all, but try Arrested Development. If you don't watch Arrested Development, you're making a terrible mistake.

I clearly just rewatched it and ****ing love it.
Babylon 5, it's better than BSG in my opinion. Well the first season is kind of shitty, but it gets awesome.