It sounds like you're practicing solos and songs way to much and not focusing on the techniques used in them and practicing them seperately.

Pitch Problems

All of your bends are off pitch (I think the guitar in general is out of tune too). Everyone has a natural ability to hear pitch, but some are less fine tuned as others so some people need to train their ears. One way to do this is pick any note on the fretboard, hit it a few times and listen, then move your finger down 2 frets, hit that note and try to bend it up to the note you first played (that's bending a full step), you can also just move your finger down 1 fret and bend that note (that's bending a half step), that's all bends are, bending the pitch up to match one a few frets up from it. Record yourself so you can hear it played back or you can also use a guitar tuner to see if your bending it up to the correct pitch.

Adding colour/flavour

Watch a live version of how this is played, not every note is picked, there are slides/hammer-ons/pull-offs. Picking every note like that can sound mechanical, listen to the real solo and see if you can tell the difference between a picked note and something else and use what you think is appropriate by the way it sounds. Adding these other little techniques will make the solo sound colourful and interesting.

Timing issues

Your playing goes in and out of time (e.g. you may sit on a note too long then speed up the next few notes to get back in time). I don't want to write a novel so I recommend watching this:


At about 3 minutes in John Petrucci goes through some exercises to help develop accurate picking where you train your ears to segment the space between the beats. The main point to take from this is always train to a metronome.