Hey guys, just been working on this song for alittle while not and I personally think it came out pretty good but i'd love some feed back. I recorded off a guitar backing track so all the guitar you hear in the video is my guitar. just leave some feedback and i'd be glad to check out your guy's stuff too

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Nice cover dude, as always the headbanging/etc make the cover exciting to watch.

haha thanks man and i know! i just feel awkward headbanging and stuff alone lol
im listening to it as i type, im finding your tone to be pretty good, though im not a fan of the backing track that doesnt really matter. its just weird to hear different vocals on this song because it doesnt really sound like kurt. playing wise though youre staying in time well and since theres not a whole let else to this song i think youre getting it done well. i feel like maybe you could have held the notes through the solo a split second longer, i feel like you rushed through it a tiiiiny bit instead of feeling each note but im nitpicking at this point. this is a good job

want to give mine a look?
I'd suggest a clearer record next time, it's not necessery to be video, just try to catch a clear audio...