2007 Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Custom SG in Olympic White with gold hardware.

I found this guitar close to me on the internet a couple months ago and decided to sell a bunch of stuff to get it!

Gold Maestro Tremolo
Double cutaway solid mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
Slim-taper neck profile
GIBSON 57 CLASSIC humbuckers
3 volume and 1 tone controls
22 frets
Rosewood fretboard
Pearloid block inlays

It plays very smooth as I gave it the ol' setup, stays in tune very well even when using the trem, very clean with minor wearing of the gold hardware.
Really nice! My next ax will hopefully be an SG, love their sound.
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Nice SG. I never really liked the HHH config but I heard the versatility was rediculous. Gotta love that Maestro too!
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Fancy! HNGD!

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oh god, an sg, 3 humbuckers, and a trem? well at least it's white.... haha i'm sure it sounds great though man, HNGD
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Sweet! Almost looks like a GT which I would love to have! HNGD!
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