I recently got an Egnater Vengeance and an Orange PPC212 and I'm wondering how I would go about brightening my tone, while taking away some of harshness at the same time.

I'm running a PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone in B Standard, with BKP Warpigs (ceramic in the bridge) straight into the amp, but I have an ancient Boss 7 band EQ that I could throw in the loop. I plan on picking up a boost soon, and I was thinking I could brighten it up by turning the tone knob on the pedal above noon. It might just be that the pickups in combination with the mahogany body are making it too dark. I would be willing to change them if it meant better tone.

Am I just dreaming that I could make it brighter and less harsh at the same time? Any tips?

My settings are (in o'clock):
Gain: 11
Bass: 11
Mids: 11:30
Treble: 11:30
Density: 11
Presence: 12

Any questions just ask. Big thanks in advance
Y'all don't say that
I would look into a boost. I use a mxr overdrive to brighten my tone up when i use my 7 string. It works pretty good. The EQ might also be a good idea.

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