Can someone recommend me a 7 string pickup combo for my Ibanez AX7221? For the bridge I was looking for a pickup that has lots of clarity for that progressive/djent kind of stuff. I play a little bit of everything from like August Burns Red, I The Breather, Haunted Shores etc. And for the bridge something thats really smooth and clear for the same kind of progressive djent kind of genre. thanks.
under 100 for each pickup, i can order pretty much from anywhere except overseas so BKs are pretty much out of the question
Not at all the amp I would use for that, but that's another topic...

D-Activator 7's or Crunch Lab 7/D Activator 7 or Liquifire 7.
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DiMarzio D-Sonic/Liquifire.

I say the D-Sonic because I personally don't like the Crunch Lab. But it is very popular for djent, so just give them both a listen and decide for yourself.

You could also go with a Seymour Duncan Custom/59.
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There's no way you're getting a prog metal/djent-y tone out of the JCA20. Swapping your pickups won't help you getthere with that amp.
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Although I would highly recommend getting a new amp first.
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even boosted the JCA20 is only just going to get there for what you want, and it isnt voiced at all for what you want. i'd recommend getting a new amp first, then if you're still unhappy swap out the pickups. Crunch Lab/Liquifire is the best all round combo if you cant go down the route of BKPs
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New amp first guy!
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