Hi all,
I am new to electric guitar and i am planning to buy a new Guitar Effects Processor.
I have come across two of these.

1. Boss ME-25
2. Zoom G3

I am playing at an intermediate level, so i dont want a very fancy one but something which is enough for live performances and I can easily switch from acoustic to metal in one push.

If you know of any other Effects Pedal better than these of the same price range please tell.
I have a ME-25 which I bought fromm a friend for $360 or something.
It's kinda handy when I play with my bands, since you can put together effects and save them for later use. I like it, but it's hard to get s good tone out of the amp in my opinion.
Quote by leouddhav
is ME-25 any good for live perfomances?

In my opinion, no.

You have to scroll through presets instead of being able to stomp on a button and immediately arrive at one, so it can get kind of muy impractical. You'd have to line up all your presets in the order you'll be using them and just keep scrolling up xD...

Also, $360 for one is way too much. I bought one second-hand for €90, just to try it out.

I never use it live, I've got a 'proper' pedalboard for it, but it does the job at the moment as my audio-interface for some home demoing.

EDIT: Also, the distortion effects sound really shit. Way too digital (which they are, obv) to bear, imo.
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It's neat because you can go from distorted to clean in a click with the pedal, and you can make an alright lead setting with the delay and reverb of your wish.
Now I have't performed with it live, but I don't feel any need of getting a new pedal or something there was an upcoming gig.
I suggest you to take some time to learn how to use it before performing, since it wont go well if you buy it less than a week before you shal perform.
I don't have one, so I don't know how it works.
You could try to search up some reviews at youtube or something, and maybe try it in a music store?
i looked it on youtube and all kind of review sites....and they confused me! :-P
I have a Boss ME50 which works well for me (although I don't use it for distortion). It provides a good range of all the effects I need, is easy to use as it doesn't rely on programmed patches and is solid enough to gig as often as you need to.

Are you only looking for something to switch from clean to distorted, or do you want other effects as well? If it's just the distortion you're after, you will always get a better quality sound from a dedicated pedal rather than a multi effects unit.

Also, have you considered going used? That would open up loads of other options within a lower budget.
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