Hello everybody, I'm a first time poster in the forums and I just had a few questions about my Washburn guitar and I was hoping you guys could help out. So...

I own an orange Washburn x-Series guitar that reads x-50 at the bottom of the neck. Its serial number is N 2080280, which I know means it was manufactured in 2002, and the headstock is similar to one you would find in a fender strat. Now besides the fretboard having the usual wear to it, It is in fantastic shape, and sounds great! I have just been tirelessly researching the internet and I don't want to pay $50 for an appraisal when I'm not even sure I want to sell the guitar. I got it as a gift from a trustworthy friend, who although doesn't know much about guitars, said one of the previous owners was the old guitarist of Demonhunter, which I thought was pretty cool. Anyways...

1) Given the Serial Number, Do you guys knows exactly what Washburn this is? Pro or not. Because some people on the internet have said that similar models were pro although the headstock only says x-50. But maybe I'm wrong haha

2) Given the info., and take my word for it when I say it is in solid condition, is there any way you could potentially estimate the value of the guitar?

I just really want to know exactly what I have here, because all of my google searches have lead me to a dead end. Thanks guys, any help is much appreciated!
I had the same problem a while ago, i emailed washburn and they gave me all the info i needed, mine turned up Being a 700$ guitar and payed 80 $ for it.
here ya go, five seconds is all it took me:
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here ya go, five seconds is all it took me:

Haha thanks... but the problem I'm having is identifying if it is pro or not. I did google search it, and looked at many websites but I got a very wide range of prices.. $300 to $800 to even more.
pros have seymour duncans with the odd model with EMGs. It will also say X50PRO on the truss rod cover. I have a pic of mine in my profile
haha oh okay, would you have any idea of the value of my Washburn then? I emailed Washburn just to see what they think.
well my pro was £380 new, a used X50 will probably about a third of that