Hey guys, I just finished off a cover of the Bon Iver tune 'Holocene'. Not sure if many of you have heard of this band before, but I tried to put a little bit of a twist on the original song
Would be awesome if you could have a listen!
Wow this is really freakin amazing! Beatiful tone and not a single mistake... and awesome quality, too. The best cover in 2012 so far if you ask me

Oh and a question: The guitar playing we see in the video is not really you actually recording the cover, right? it looks to me like you recorded it and added the video later, but really, really great nevertheless
Thanks a lot man, means a lot
Nah I just record the video for one of the takes, not necessarily the ones which I will actually use for the recording
That was very very good man. The playing was perfect and so was the tone. I really cant find anything bad to point out it was awesome! and the video was quite well done too.
Overall superb job!
Rubislaw, that was really great. You obviously put a lot of work in to that. I'll be honest, I was kind of hoping to hear you attempt his ridiculous vocals, but using the slide for that melody was really cool. Great playing, great production, and an interesting take on the song. Bon Iver covers are pretty intimidating, and you did it rather well.
What is that you are using as a slide in the video?

If you have some time feel free to check out my Elliott Smith cover I just did: http://youtu.be/FWrPvnxaPuk